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Tips & Tricks

Cactus & Succulents 

Argentine Giant in box.
When planting
, Succulents, Euphorbias,
and Yuccas in a pot.
Use cactus mix instead of potting soil. 
Citrus Trees 
When Citrus flower
and the blossoms are opened up,
stop watering for 2 weeks.
 This forces the blossoms to set
and will provide you with a better fruit yield.

 After the 2 weeks
resume normal watering
for that time of year
as recommended
in the watering guide.
Grafted Plants

Graft on 24" box Purple Plum tree.
When planting
Roses, Citrus, Fruit, Nut, Berry, hybrid Palo Verde
 or any other plant that is grafted.

Be sure not to bury the tree or shrub
above the graft when you plant.
This can kill your tree or shrub
Acid Loving Plants 
  Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons, and Gardenias require more acid in their soils ph.
Arizona's soils ph is real high in alkali.
Using Richards Organic Worm
once a month along with
Richard's Bloom & Vegetable Exploder

Fertilizer will correct this problem
keeping them healthy and green.
Frost Damage & Prevention


Do not cut back or trim frost damaged plants!

The damage protects plant from future freezing.

Do not remove severely frost damaged plants!

Some stems, trunks, and branches are still alive
and won't show signs of life until summer.

Wait until late March after frost danger ends to
fertilize and trim your plants.

Covering frost tender plants
when the temperature drops

below 32
° degrees
should be done with frost cloth,
sheets made of cloth like material,
and/or Christmas lights.

use plastic unless you make sure it doesn't come directly in contact with the plants leaves.
This can burn,
damage or
ultimately kill your plant.

remove your covering during the day and re cover if it freezes again the following night. 

Formulas & Measuring
FORMULAS - To determine area in square feet.

             Circles - Area = Diameter squared x 0.7854
Triangles - Area = ½ base x height.
Rectangles - Area = base x height
Soil additives
Planter Mix
- 2 cu. Ft. sacks.
     1 Sack covers 140 sq. feet. 1/6 inch deep.
  1 Sack covers 42 sq. feet. 1/2inch deep.
1 Sack covers 21 sq. feet. 1 inch deep.

Peat Moss
5.6 Cubic ft. bale covers 436 sq. ft.
1/6 inch deep.
5.6 Cubic ft. bale covers 67 sq. ft.
1 inch deep

Guide for

Estimating and Planting

Ground Covers and

Bedding Plants
Inches        Sq. Ft. of Area Plants Will Cover
Plants               64 Plants                100 Plants
4”                    7 sq. ft.                  11 Sq. Ft
6”                  16 sq. ft.                  25 Sq. Ft
8”                  28 sq. ft.                  44 Sq. Ft
10”                45 sq. ft.                  70 Sq. Ft
12”                 64 sq. ft.                100 Sq. Ft
15”                100 sq. ft.               156 Sq. Ft


In loving memory
The Most Amazing daughter,
sister, friend, wife & mother.

Patricia Lee (Strauss) Pingitore
April 25, 1949 - November 7, 2005
The Most Amazing son, brother,
friend, husband, father & grandfather.

Richard Louis Pingitore
January 10, 1944 - June 22, 2009

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We grow over 450 varieties of Trees, Shrubs, Cactus, Palms, Edibles, Near & Native Plants locally, right here in Phoenix, at Garden City
 If we don't have it, we can order most Items locally
Services we offer:
Installation of all Trees & Plants Local delivery of all hard goods, many can be shipped
Repair and install drip & sprinkler systems, landscaping, rock, sod, lighting, artificial turf, Commercial & Residential landscape maintenance & cleanups
We now carry full product lines of Barns, Cabins, Chicken Coops, Tack Rooms, Building Kits, Greenhouses, and Metal Carports
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
We also provide no haggle, low prices, up front, for a more enjoyable shopping experience 

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